Human Obsession for a Big Butt Explained

Why Men find Women with Bigger Glutes Attractive

Across all the cultures and races, men seem to prefer the women with small waist and bigger glutes attractive. This preference can be traced back to prehistoric times. While studying remote tribes in Africa, scientists observed how while choosing a mate, men used to line up all the unmarried girls of a village in a row and then the male highest in the hierarchy will choose the girl whose back will protrude out the most. In the Victorian Era, women used to enhance their backside by wearing bustles. Wearing high heels that also help in enhancing how a woman’s backside looks. In the modern times there are silicone injections. Silicone injections can be dangerous and are banned in the US, however there is a flourishing black market for it. Who knows how many of the pop stars have used this approach to enhance their looks

Why Women Prefer Men with Strong Glutes

A lot of men with big glutes get conscious and think that this is something that is negatively affecting their image. This is far from true. Most women that I have spoken with actually find those big glutes kind of cute. What is going on here? Men do not deliver babies, atleast not until now, then why do women have a preference for glutes in men.

  1. Squatting Deep
  2. Pushing an object horizontally on the ground
  3. Swinging an object high up
  4. Kicking



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